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The purpose of this site is to educate and inform the general public about (non-school) youth sports and activities for the Ellsworth School District Area. To encourage a safe, fun and competitive environment for children of all ages and skill levels to develop as athletes.

Updating Website

We are in the process of updating and adding content to this website.  Our goal is to include all Ellsworth Community Youth Recreational Programs to this site.  At the moment, we have basketball, baseball, softball, football, volleyball, golf, t-ball, community pool and links to other sports in surrounding areas on the site that Ellsworth does not offer.  We are working on getting more on the site and if you have a program you would like to add to this site please contact Julie Stoltenburg.

Check out all the different tabs and links for the sports you are interested in

Julie Stoltenburg


Phone: 612-986-2748


If your business would like to become a sponsor of this website to support our local youth, please contact Jule Stoltenburg.

Sponsored by Rockworks


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Thank you Rockworks for your donation of labor to the EBSA for helping fix our baseball field.

Sponsored by Victory Fireworks Inc.

Victory Fireworks Inc.

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Thank you Victory Fireworks for sponsoring the EBSA 12u and 14u softball tournaments

Sponsored by Clyde's Corner

Clyde's Corner

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Thank you for hosting the EBSA  UTV Fundraiser!

Anderson enterprises element view

Anderson Enterprises

Thank you Anderson Enterprises for donating gravel to the EBSA

Sponsored by Sabes Loft

Sabes Loft

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Thank you Sabes Loft for your donation for the use of your facilities and help with the EBSA meat raffle.

Sponsored by Bay City Bombers

Bay City Bombers

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Thank you Bay City Bombers for your generous support of the EBSA!  We appreciate you allowing our 14AA baseball team to use your beautiful field until the large field at the Brown Complex is back in shape.

Sponsored by Huppert Transport

Huppert Transport

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Thank you Huppert Transport for donating black dirt to the EBSA

Sponsored by ERC - Ed Rohl Construction

ERC - Ed Rohl Construction

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Thank you ERC for your donation of labor and equipment to the EBSA for helping fix the Brown Complex.  Also, for all your baseball equipment donations to the 13AA team over the years.

Sponsored by Johnson Sanitation

Johnson Sanitation

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