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Ellsworth Dance Team

Ellsworth High School Dance Team

The 2022-2023 Dance season is upon us and we are excited to see what this season holds.  Our team is involved in so many ways in our Ellsworth Community.  From tryouts in the spring, to community service throughout the summer and into the fall, you can find our dancers constantly striving to be good strong leaders, in all aspects of their lives.  We begin our performance season with our fall team, performing at the Friday Night football games. (Go Panthers!) We continue into our competition season and perform at the basketball games, along with competing at multiple competitions.  We will post our schedule on this website. Come cheer on your favorite Ellsworth High School Dance Team Dancers!


Football games

September 30, 2022 (homecoming)
October 14, 2022

Youth clinics (registration now open!)

October 14 - Football game
December 16 - Holiday Basketball game

Support the Ellsworth Dance Team Program

The past couple of years have been a challenging time for all our families and it is no different for our dance program. When our normal lives came to a standstill, our tryouts, camps, youth clinics, practices and games were also cancelled.  Funds raised through our fundraising efforts are utilized for costumes, competition fees, camps, warm ups, game shirts, and so much more, as we are a self funded team without an athletic budget sourced by the school.

The EHS Dance Team Booster Club is an organization that supports our high school dance team as well as working on leaving a legacy of growth and support of our youth.  We want to continue to build this young program here in Ellsworth and encourage more participation in movement through dance.  With dance becoming more popular these days, via TV shows and social media, the organization sees this as an opportunity to develop the local programs and in turn enhance our community athletic offerings

We hope you can attend a game or competition and witness all the hard work and dedication that all our dancers put into this program. You can find us on Facebook here:  EHS Dance Team Booster Club.

Thank you in advance for supporting our Dance Program!!

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Registration is OPEN for The 2022 - 3 Series Youth Dance Clinics!

Youth Clinic Ages: Kindergarten - 5th Grade

The clinics will consist of a practice on the same day as the performance.  This will be a series, where you can sign up for all three at once, if you choose.   

Series 1 - August 18th at the Ellsworth Farmer's Market
Series 2 - October 14th - Football game
Series 3 - December 16 - Holiday Basketball game

The cost for the clinics
$90 - 3 clinics
$70 - 2 clinics
$40 - 1 clinic

You can sign up for 2 or 1 clinic.
Once registered, we will send out communication directly to you regarding the details of each clinic, so you can prepare for rides and invite family and friends to come watch.

We accept registrations anytime, but please note that Youth Clinic Registration closes 1 week prior to each session, to guarantee a shirt for your dancer.
We understand that plans change, but if you need to cancel, we will not be able to refund the money. We will do our best to work with you and make sure your dancer still receives their shirt from the clinic that was missed.


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Melissa  Gutting

Melissa Gutting

Dance Team Coach

Alyssa Pechacek

Alyssa Pechacek

Dance Team Coach

Buena Farrell

Buena Farrell

Dance Team Booster Club President

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